onsdag 7. september 2016

Roadtrip to western Norway - Stryn and Sogn

If Norway should have a national flower, it should be this one.
Chamerion angustifolium

Spotted an awesome person in front of an average waterfall

Japanese tourits - spotting a glacier: Brakes on - everyone out, with identical phones taking identical pictures: Move on! Takes 12 seconds

View over Stryn

The old mountain road is open during summer - I cant omagine how they were able to drive big trucks up and down this road

Cow are enjoying a summer vacation - with great view!

The roads high point

How about living up there?

View with the Church in Stryn
Apple tees with the Church of Solvorn and Sognefjorden in the back
The Church of Kaupanger  Stavechurch from 1140ish