mandag 9. januar 2017

Steel Wool

You might share this post with a bored friend. This is fun!
Technincal: ISO 100, f/14, 15s, 24mm, lots of steel wool, cool friend not afraid of fire, and an awesome location


fredag 6. januar 2017

Happy New Year!

The first blog-post this year will be these random street view photographs.  I usually bring a camera wherever I go and the world is so full of moments and details - I want to save them all.

Actually I was looking for a picture for a contest I was invited/ordered to participate in. I found a cool picture and here you can see some of the other pictures that didn't reach up this time. I'm going to post my personal winner later.

This seagull got more attention from the visitors than the panoramic view over Tallin

Lovebirds under the Fountain, Warszawa

She played the violin most beautifully 

Hiding in the dark

bird in the hand is worth two in the bush